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5 Common Facebook Page Mistakes You Can Fix in 5 minutes!


1. Vanity Url-  if you have more than 25 fans go claim your vanity url

  • Click on “Edit Page” from your fanpage
  • Click on “Basic Information”
  • Choose Username and type in your choice.  Facebook will let you know if it is available and even give you suggestions if it is not. Make this the name of your fan page or business…hopefully someone else has not already claimed the name you are hoping for.

Remember, if you work in Direct Sales the name of your company ie…Premier Designs, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Avon are trademarked and can not be claimed by you.

Try adding your name to it or better yet, come up with something snazzy and easy to remember… ie…foodiegirl, fashiongirl, lipstickfanatic, Ilove_____.

In THIS case it’s ok to be VAIN!

Now your facebook link is considerably shorter, prettier and easy to use on marketing materials.  Mine looks like this:   much easier to remember and snazzy for a business card!

2. Link to your fan page under education~ NOT a blank community page

If you click on the link under your name on your personal profile page. Where does it go?

Does YOURS go straight to a blank community page? Or worse yet to a community page where hundreds or thousands of other people have made the same mistake and now your potential clients or followers are going to a page where they can see OTHER people in your same industry!


My suggestion is to first DELETE what you currently have listed as your employer, then go back in again and try adding it.  It YOUR fan page SHOULD come up in the drop down menu…IF it does not, don’t panic.

Here is a fantastic step by step tutorial by Mari Smith on how to add it.

3. Marketing message after marketing message…YUK!

I’m having a sale, join my team, book a party, sign up today, buy this…  Remember your page needs to be about THEM, your fans, not you and what you have to sell.

Post interesting links, tips, and content that your fans will be interested in.  Follow the 80/20 rule~ 80% pure content and only 20% marketing. This one seems difficult at first, but the more you work at it and try various things to engage, the better results you will have.

Google is your friend in this situation, try searching for style trends if it is jewelry you sell.  Find a great article and link it to your page.  Let your clients know what pieces you have that will compliment the new styles.

You can also sign up for Google alerts to keep a watchful eye on the topics you think your fans are interested in.  I ASSURE you, ___jewelry__ (fill in the blank with YOUR product or market)  is not all they think and care about!!  Think out of the box, consider the season, upcoming holidays, local events!

4. Questions or comments left with no response or interaction from you as the page administrator

This is your chance to ENGAGE!

Get in there and comment. Respond when someone posts to your page!  The quicker you do this, the better.  It can even be a simple ‘like’ of their comment, it lets them know you are listening.

I like to reply within 2 hours, but even 24 hours is better than never at all!  Set up the email option for a while so you are alerted each time someone comments. (Find this option in the settings for your page).

You can also check your notifications on the fan page itself and it will list out all actions that have happened since the last time you checked.

5. Fill up your Like links with great content!

I like to go check out the pages and individuals that like my page.  It gives you GREAT insight into who your fans are and you’ll find awesome pages to “Like” as well.

Do a simple search in Facebook for topics that you think might interest your fans. “Like” the page when you are signed in as YOUR page.  This will feed great content right to the home page of your business page…link or share this content and not only do you hold the interest of your fans, you begin to make valuable connections and partnerships.

EDITED***(due to real life circumstances)

IF you have entrepreneur #1 with a blank community page called “Cindy’s Awesome Parties”. 

Entrepreneur #2 comes along and names her FAN page “Cindy’s Awesome Parties” and then adds her work in her profile, links to her fan page…  Guess what!?

Entrepreneur #1’s link on HER page that used to go to the blank community page now goes directly to entrepreneur #2’s FAN page!!!!

Claim your social media real estate while you can!

What mistakes have YOU seen on Facebook pages? Share in the comments, or just let me know you were here 🙂


About Directly Successful

Hi, my name is Kelly Paull, I run my Directly Successful business from beautiful Colorado. 7.5 years as a successful consultant in a party plan company gave me the knowledge, experience and desire to branch off and help others in direct sales with the techie side of small business. I taught classes to the masses at local and national events. My favorite topics being Facebook, social networking and all things techie. When I'm not offering up practical tips on Directly Successful, I'm consulting 1:1 with small business owners with a specialty in Direct Sales and Party Plan consultants and organizations. I'm an early adopter which means I love the latest and greatest and am not afraid to download an app the day it is released. I know to go easy on clients who are afraid of all the bells & whistles. We'll get your marketing kicking and we'll add the bells and whistles later.

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  1. WOW! Great tips Kelly! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Amazing! Definitely going to share! The amount of knowledge you have blows me away. Thank you thank you!

  3. Thanks Kelly. Great advice! My page needs some work. Thanks for making this quick and easy.

  4. Yeah! LOVE IT and I KNOW IT…yet, I can’t convince some of my clients WHY they need to do these things. Good thing for Google Analytics and Facebook Pages insights. WOOT! Thanks again Kelly! Great writing too!

    • Heather, thanks so much for the comment and the nice words! I have to tell YOU that I went by your website and just love your description of your business self. 🙂

  5. Wow, thanks for that. I didn’t realize I could get that Vanity URL on Facebook. That is a great tip…glad I found your page.

  6. Your tips are great Kelly, thanks for sharing! It makes me giddy when I already know something or have already done something you share…lol

    Notice my picture – hmm, still not showing correctly…grrr


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